Lets Get Started!


Whether you are training for an athletic event, celebrating a milestone, or simply would like to help, we’ll provide you with support along the way. Here is how you can create your own successful fundraising campaign in support of Special Olympics:

On your mark!

First set up your fundraising page. Decide how you would like to raise funds for Special Olympics:

  • Training & Competition. Turn your next athletic challenge or fitness goal into a Special Olympics fundraising event. Whether you are competing in a bike race, participating in a triathlon, training for a 5K or trying to stick to a gym routine, raising funds for Special Olympics will make it more meaningful.
  • Mark Special Occasions. For your next special event - birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, or any other celebration – instead of gifts, ask for contributions to Special Olympics.
  • Honor or Memorial. Celebrate a friend or remember a loved one with a fundraising campaign that will make a difference in their name.
  • Fundraise your own way. You can raise funds as an individual or create a team. When you create a team, you will have one shared team fundraising page and each member of the team will have his/her own personal fundraising page.

Get set!

Take a few minutes to personalize your personal or team page: set your fundraising goal, add a personal story or a few words about why you support Special Olympics, add a photo or a video to your page.


Start reaching out to friends, family and community: send emails, post on Facebook, use Twitter. We encourage you stay in regular contact with friends, encouraging their support and thank them for their contributions and updating them about your progress.

Your support makes a difference!

Special Olympics helps people with intellectual disabilities overcome barriers through sports. Every day we empower our athletes to shatter stereotypes and exceed their personal bests on the playing field and in life. Your efforts will help us give one more person with intellectual disabilities a chance to participate in Special Olympics sports and feel like a champion. Thank you for making a difference!

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